“You don’t have a chemical imbalance. You have a brain!”
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Neurofeedback for Chemical Imbalance


If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you’ve probably heard your doctor mention something called a chemical imbalance. But what does this really mean? Well, the body is made up of various chemicals. We usually call these enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. So, when your doctor refers to your chemical imbalance as it relates to your mental health, they are talking about the neurotransmitters, or chemical messengers, in your brain.

As medical and neuroscience research expands, we’re learning more and more about the brain and how it functions. This research has led to some significant theories about neurotransmitters and their role in our mental health and brain functions. In your brain are billions of neural pathways that communicate with one another through the chemical exchange across synapses. So, when you’re diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, or any other mental health disorder, it’s believed that these chemicals are out of whack, or your brain simply isn’t making enough of them to function correctly – Hence the term “chemical imbalance.”


What we know about the brain is that the neural pathways you currently have can be altered and re-routed. As a result, we’ve seen how neurofeedback training can do more for mental health improvement than medication ever could.

Think about it: You go to the doctor’s office, and they ask you to fill out a form that describes your emotions and how you’re feeling at that moment. How can they actually gather that you have a chemical imbalance without actually testing your brain or running a test? They can’t.

At Grey Matters of Carmel, we start by gathering information about how your brain functions through our qEEG Brain Map. This detailed map gives us insight into which neural pathways and brain waves perform at their best and which do not. Then, with this information in hand, we’re able to create a customized neurofeedback training plan that will use your brain’s own power and abilities to re-train itself – Leaving you with a happier, healthier brain.


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