“Peak Performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”
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Neurofeedback for Peak Performance


Are you a professional or competitive athlete, busy executive, musician or student? Are you looking to optimize your performance level and get in the zone? Are you looking to improve your overall alertness, control over your movement, or clear your mind? Peak performance neurofeedback therapy might be the solution for you.

Peak performance training is more about optimizing and enhancing one’s brain functioning. This is less about reducing problems and more about reaching your full potential at work, in school, or in a certain sport or activity. This type of training can improve reaction times, motor skills, intelligence, attention, awareness and creativity.

“Our brain has the ability to continue developing through strengthening already existing neural pathways.”

“Our brain has the ability to continue developing through strengthening already existing neural pathways.”

When we are young, our brain is constantly developing neurons and neural pathways throughout our childhood and adolescence. By adulthood, the number of neural pathways will begin decreasing, but that doesn’t mean our brain functioning declines or loses its potential to learn. Although the number of neurons and neural pathways tends to decline with age in adulthood, our brain has the ability to grow new and strengthen already existing pathways. The phenomena of the brain’s ability to change is known as brain plasticity and it’s the basis of many new programs designed at maintaining and improving our mental capabilities.

In our experience, we have seen changes such as: enhanced focus, improved relationships and leadership, faster processing rates, less anxiety and worry, mental agility and flexibility, improved memory, better temperament, ability to remain calm in the face of pressure, greater presence, accelerated learning, an ability to disconnect from work and engage personally, and an overall feeling of well-being.

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