Before you begin any sort of mental health treatment or brain training, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the potential risks. People seeking neurofeedback training from Grey Matters of Carmel often ask if neurofeedback training can make them worse. Our response? When done properly, neurofeedback has zero adverse effects.

Prior to any training, our team of mental health experts and happiness engineers will ask for a full medical history. If you have any neurologial conditions, we need to know about them. Some conditions cause side effects that others don’t experience during sessions. This is where a lot of the negative feedback about neurofeedback comes from – People who have underlying neurological conditions don’t disclose those to brain training providers, and thus they experience unwanted side effects.

Common Effects People Run Into During Training

We like to divide the side effects into three groups: latrogenic, specific, and general.

Latrogenic Symptoms of Neurofeedback Training

Sometimes, side effects of neurofeedback are a result of practioner error or mishandling. Not all technicians in this field have the proper training, which leaves some people with a negative outcome and opinion of neurofeedback. Here at Grey Matters, you don’t have to worry! Our training specialists are not only registered nurses or have backgrounds in psychology, but they also undergo hundred of hours of training. They also stay current on training, which means they know how to handle the brain better than most!

General Symptoms of Neurofeedback Training

The following list of side effects from neurofeedback often subside after five to six sessions. If they last longer, you should inform your brain training team right away!

    • Headaches: They usually occur from higher frequencies, training faster waves or targeting the wrong section. It can also occur if the head cap is too tight.
    • Fatigue: Clients tend to experience fatigue when the speed of brain waves is increased or decreased.
    • Anxiety: Clients usually feel anxious before undergoing medical procedure or it can occur because of the electrodes being placed.
    • Low energy: Clients with high-energy feel less energetic as they are treated to reduce hyperactivity.

Specific Symptoms of Neurofeedback

    • Dizziness: Due to change in brain wave patterns, it’s not uncommon for people to experience slight dizziness following a session. This specific symptom typically resolves within a few minutes.
    • Panic: Depending on your reasoning for trying neurofeedback, you should be aware that some patiens do experience panicking or claustrophobic attacks during a session. While this is likely the brain learning to heal itself, you should definitely report the symptom the moment it happens.
    • Brain Fog: Brain fog usually reduces and diminishes with neurofeedback. However, if the practitioner isn’t trained properly, brain fog can be made worse. If brain fog happens during your session or you find it even more difficult to concentrate, let one of our amazing happiness engineers know right away!

How You Can Improve Your Neurofeedback Training

Overall, neurofeedback has shown to have a positive impact on the brain and people’s lives. Still, if you’re wanting to get more out of your training, there are a few things you can do to improve your results. Some of these things include getting a full night’s sleep, eating better, and even exercising more. Many of these physical habits also work to improve your mental state of mind.

Start Your Neurofeedback Today

Neurofeedback never fails to surprise us and our patients by its ability of healing and training the brain in new and better ways. It will help you in self-managing your mental states and ensure that your brain functions better! Neurofeedback hasn’t just improved the lives of our patients – It’s also improved the lives of their families. It’s time to change your thoughts and life with Grey Matters of Carmel. Remember, Grey Matters’ mission is to help you get the most out of your brain training and set you up for success with each session! Contact us today and get the entire family scheduled for free consultations.

Photo by Zohre Nemati on Unsplash